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Executive Team

Dr. Edward Burns Jr. photo

Dr. Edward Burns Jr., DBA

Founder & CEO

Dr. Edward Burns Jr. is a retired U. S. Marine who served two tours in Iraq. After getting out of the military he became homeless then started a cleaning service with only $34.41 in his bank account. He later sold that cleaning company to a Private Equity company for $12.4 million in 2017, becoming the first multi-millionaire in his family. Dr. Burns joined the life insurance industry fifteen years ago. He has personally coached and mentored more than forty, six-figure earners in the industry and he has received countless awards from various IMOs.


Jaqueline Banks

Chief Operations Officer

In 2021, Jacqueline started her entrepreneurial journey after a 20 year career as a Healthcare Billing Administrator. Her motivation and passion is creating equity for families and leveling the playing field through financial literacy, retirement strategies and wealth management education for future generations. 

Magally Tejada Photo

Magally Tejada

Director of Community Events

 In the role of Director of Community Events, Magally, leads charitable events and handles new business processing (life insurance and annuities), agent licensing and carrier appointments, contact center administration, marketing, events, and field recognition programs.

Brittany Rickets Photo

Brittany Ricketts

Chief Executive Assistant

As a young woman Brittany has always envisioned reaching beyond the expectations of others. Her willingness to strive for more encourages others to reach their full potential. Brittany has passion to inspire others, she serves as the starting point to helping new unlicensed agents hit the ground running.

Andrew Valentin photo

Andrew Valentin

Director of Bilingual Communications (Spanish)

I started my career in 2019 as it aligned with my values and mission to help others. I enjoy helping my clients set financial order to their lives, and I consider many of them family due to the relationships we have built. In my free time, I enjoy reading non fictional books, watching CSI shows, and spending time with my wife. My goal is to help the Hispanic community get the right mentorship and tools needed to be successful and thrive in this industry.

Arkel King photo

Arkel King

Director of Licensing & Recruiting

I started my career in financial services in 2022. Financial literacy has always been important to me. I enjoy teaching my clients ways they can incorporate life insurance into their financial strategy to create generational wealth. I also understand the power of relationships, which is why this industry is perfect for me. My goal is to expand upon the foundation that's been built and pay it forward creating for others and their posterity.

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